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Functional Medicine and Nutrition in West Des Moines

What is Functional Medicine?

Personalized Functional Medicine or sometimes called Functional Nutrition is the science of creating health, by treating the patient’s whole system, not just their symptoms.

This leading-edge method collaborates and reviews the patient’s history, genetics, and advanced lab markers along with environmental and lifestyle factors that influence long-term health and complex chronic diseases.

The process of Functional Medicine aims to truly transform a person’s health and may shift them from illness to well-being in a much shorter time.

Our doctors will educate and apply a nutritional program based on advanced lab markers and genetic markers in order to prevent and reverse heart disease, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Personalized Lifestyle Plan

The Functional Medicine methods use and recommend a personalized healthy lifestyle plan that includes nutritional supplementation and a nutrition plan that is based on whole foods and purposeful eating. These two components are critical to assure a physiological change in a patient’s outcome.

These methods have been shown to prevent and even reverse:

  • Heart Disease
  • Hypertension
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • And More…

If you are looking for a new, unique approach that focuses on the “whole you” instead of one symptom or body-part, then now is your time. Contact us to get your health back and start living the life you deserve!


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