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Weight Loss

• Contour “Body Slimming” Light Therapy •

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“2 Inches or More of Fat Loss in 30 Minutes- Guaranteed!”

Contour Light is the latest technological advancement for non-invasive body contouring, fat loss, and skin rejuvenation. At Active Family Wellness Center, we are proud to have this amazing technology available to our patients!

Contour Light provides targeted results in only 30 Minutes- without anesthesia, incisions, or recovery time. The therapy is backed by the science of using LED Light Technology to naturally tone, slim, and shape areas of the body safely without surgery or pain!

Clinical studies have proven that exposure to a specific wavelength of LED Light causes a stimulation of the subcutaneous fat cells resulting in the release into the interstitial region of the body. When the light therapy is placed on targeted areas of the body, the light penetrates below the skin and will cause the reaction of the fat cells to escape. The fat then gets eliminated by the liver and colon and is eliminated by the body.

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• Blueprint to Weight Loss Program •

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Blueprint to Weight Loss is a simple, fast, fun nutritional program that allows the patient and the doctor to have an auto-pilot program with fast, permanent results!

It’s an easy-to-follow weight loss, detoxification, and healthy living program that is extremely effective. In fact, we see people lose between a half pound to a full pound of fat per day.

Most weight loss programs out there are great, but if you follow up with the participants just three months later, the weight is already starting to come back and the results are not permanent. This typically happens because most weight loss programs don’t address the root causes of weight gain and aren’t physician-supervised or customized to the specific needs of the client. So if you want simple, fast, and permanent weight loss, you have to address the root cause of the weight gain. That’s why our program doesn’t include pills to swallow or any supplements that you have to continue using after you reach your goal.

What we’ve realized after asking hundreds of patients what they think the root cause of their weight gain may be, is that they have no idea. Most of the time we hear things like, they are eating too much and moving too little. We all wish it was that simple!

The truth is, there are 8 root causes of weight gain. Our Blueprint to Weight Loss program specifically addresses each of the 8 causes individually, and that’s the reason our patients get fast results in a short amount of time-that last!

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